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    Medical Marijuana Recommendation Verification


CannaScan.org Verification System

Providing Real Time Medical Marijuana Patient Verification for Law Enforcement and the Massachusetts Court System.


Why CannaScan.org

Cannascan is the only patient verification system that allows law enforcement or a court officer to instantly verify a patient or caregiver’s status. Our cloud based real time verification system allows the inquiring party instant confirmation of a patient’s status at the station, in court, or in the field. No phone calls, no waiting. Our patients are verified by their very own medical providers. Their providers are members of the CannaScan Network.

Clinics and Doctors

Ensure your patients are assured they can rest easy knowing their status as a medical marijuana patient can be easily and immediately verified through a reliable source, Cannascan, designed by System Works IT, a relied upon provider of law enforcement logistic and medical support software. Your patient’s information will be verified through our secure verification software. Signing up your patient is easy. He or she will upload their recommendation and identification and will receive a unique code. When questioned, the patient need only provide their secure code and law enforcement can instantly verify Real Time, their patient status. Less work for you, your patients are safe.

Law Enforcement Community

Now there is an easy and secure way to verify a medical marijuana patient’s status. Just log on to CannaScan with a patient’s unique Code, a copy of their recommendation they have provided you, and their ID will appear on our verification page. Each patients status is verified by their treating physician. Law enforcement also saves valuable time and funding by not having to confiscate a valid patient’s medication, or make an unwarranted arrest. The “good guys” and their doctors, use CannaScan!


Now you can feel safe and secure when growing or carrying your medicine. CannaScan patient verification takes the guesswork out of your status as a medical marijuana patient. Sign up by uploading your patient recommendation form and ID while visiting your doctor, or use our remote patient signup and we will verify your status with your physician. Don’t worry about your medicine being confiscated. CannaScan is safe and reliable and trusted by law enforcement and patients alike.

Cloud Access

Our Cloud-based System has 24 access and is always running in a safe and secure Cloud environment!

Our System

Built on the state of the art secure web based system, we constantly monitor the functionality of all our servers and databases to insure the most robust and highly available infrastructure.

Who use CannaScan?